Apache technologies has delivered the large numbers of cost effective and high-quality software/hardware solutions for a wide range of industries and domains.

We work with small to large (enterprise-level) organisations who require independent, unbiased and reliable IT partner that is guaranteed to be focused on the most appropriate technological solution for their business needs. We will either integrate or build the solution that suits the customer, from research and development all the way to the implementation and maintenance.

Our multi-disciplinary approach and open systems policies guarantee the longevity of our customers investments. We form quality partnerships with customers whatever the type of work, from a feasibility study, to an in-depth technology review, a concept demonstrator & prototyping or complete solution development. In addition, through a series of partnerships with other companies and selected suppliers, we are able to offer a much wider portfolio of practical and affordable business solutions.

OT Controller
Motion Detector

In addition our experienced and certified work force are competent in following technologies:

Technical Competency

Programming Languages/Technologies

Web & Application Servers


Operating Systems

Multimedia / VoIP