Touch Screen Operation Theatre Control Panel

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Historically control panels have been made from stainless steel and are designed to contain all the required control and switching electrics for an operating theatre. The theatre control panel will also house many of the alarm systems required (e.g. for medical gases, fire alarms or any other hospital related system).

We have launched a Touch Screen based operating theatre control panels, which is designed to provide the same functionality and more for the modern day operating theatre. Our solution controls various expansive equipments with an easy to use touch screen control panel.

Every control panel we manufacture is individually designed. Choose from a wide range different accessories and options. We constantly upgrading and changing our "Operation Theatre Control Panel" in order to make it more doctors friendly.

Operating Theatre Control Panel (Touch Screen)

Operation Theatre Controller Operation Theatre Controller

An operating theatre control panel designed specifically for the surgical team

  • All the essential sensor's data and controller are ease to use.
  • Existing control panels are complicated and cumbersome, and they do not lend themselves to intuitive problem-solving in the event of a fault.
  • Our touch-screen control panel is developed based on studies targeting surgeons and surgical nurses. Graphical User Interface (GUI) is completely customizble and can edited as per the requirements.
  • Additionally, the touch screen’s innovative ergonomics are particularly well suited to medical staff needs. All the essential data for supervising the operational status of the theatre can be viewed on a single display.
Operation Theatre Controller Operation Theatre Controller Operation Theatre Controller
Digital standard clock Digital Elapsed time clock Medical gas status and alarms ( Oxygen, Nitrous, Air 4 bar, Air 7 bar, Vacuum), HEPA Filter status
Operation Theatre Controller Operation Theatre Controller Operation Theatre Controller
Temprature, Humidity & Pressure display and control Surgical Table Peripheral/Planar light ON/OFF & Intensity Controller Hands Free Telephone (Optional)
Operation Theatre Controller
Media Player

Salient Features

  • Check the temperature, humidity and ambiant air over-pressure
  • Alerts the status various sensors like Gas Alarms, Filters etc
  • Adjust the intensity of peripheral lighting
  • Check that the theatre’s electrical power supply is operating normally
  • During the operation our system alerts the surgical team in real-time of any faults, indicating their seriousness, so that the team can take the right decision.

Options include:

  • X-Ray viewing units
  • UCV Controls
  • Data Points
  • Various alarms like Nurse Alarm, Fire Alarm
  • Mains indicator & UPS Controls
  • IPS Controls
  • Telephone Socket
  • OT Table Controls
  • Video camera & Media player
  • Integral emergency power units for operating lamps